Friday, July 20, 2007

Katja Turns 7!

Some birthday pictures in our yard and on our porch.

Just a week after her heart surgery last year on the trip home from Mayo...and still smiling!

Our Little Angel. Katja is such a joy. Always happy and she likes EVERYONE! Sometimes it seems she is in her own little world, but that sweet spirit is just a genuine love for her Lord and her "neighbor." One thing I am thankful for is that my kids are serving the Lord. One less thing to worry about. Today we had a fun day in Brandon, Manitoba. She went to the orthodontist there and then we hit the mall for a little school shopping and mostly just some time together. On the trip home (just before the car was searched by the Border Patrol) she told me that she is going to have 3 jobs when she grows up: A Veterinarian, A Zookeeper and a Teacher of the Word. She asked when I wanted the Jesus to come back and get us. I said "any minute." Her answer: "not me, I still have too many people to tell about Jesus." If you want to know what I'm talking about or how to share your faith in Jesus Christ, visit a great website

Vince Jr. turns 12!

Vince and His First Pheasant!

A Boy and His Dolly.

Vince gets a Benelli Super Nova shotgun for his 12th birthday!

Dirt Biking...his first true love.
Where did the time go? Now we have a young man and not a little kid anymore! He is turning into a great guy who loves the Lord. And, good thing because with his interests, he might be seeing him face to face sooner rather than later! He passed his Hunter Safety course, so now he can hunt on his own license rather than under Dad's. I guess it doesn't change much, but it is a milestone for Country Boys. Or, Flat-Lander as the kids refer to it. Flat-Landers live on the plains and Hillbillies live in the Turtle Mountains. Anyway, Vince is a good student, 5 feet 6 inches tall and growing every day and his hobbies are dirt-biking, snowmobiling, basketball and soon to come...Dad's favorite FOOTBALL! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! This former Cheerleader is really excited to cheer the team on in the games to come. They get a really late start in Bottineau (full pads don't come until 7th grade). SEVENTH GRADE??? Where did the time go??? Enjoy the pics of my oldest child...and always Mommy's baby.

More Fair Pics

Yes, I know the pictures are mostly of my own kids and our good friends the Moen's, but I only had my camera one day and the dunking booth was BUSY! But, sooo much fun! We let the dunkers have 3 or 4 tries (sometimes more) when they completed a short Bible/evangelism questionnaire. We had 2 "quizzes" and our patrons could take them both each day for 2 tries a day. It was a great time being outside with the great fellowship of our friends and a chance to be a witness to the community. Vince Jr.(12 yrs) has the top hat on in the booth. Katja (7) and Natasja (3) had their face painted by the wonderfully patient gal in the next booth and Dusty (lovingly known as Ducky in our house) used a picture the face painting artist had and did his own rendition on Gunnar's (5) face. He did a great job!! And speaking of Dusty, I was so impressed by this young man last weekend as he played the prince in the summer youth play "Robin Hood." What an actor! He was really outstanding as were so many of the other actresses and actors. Dusty is 12 I guess and I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the last 5 years we have attended Community Bible Church in Bottineau. He did a great job and was so expressive and emotional. Gunnar and Natasja sat 2 rows in front of me in the FRONT ROW and sat mesmerized for the entire performance. There were times I wondered if they had fallen asleep, but they didn't! They were silent for the entire hour-long play except for the time when all the actors ran in front of them and then down the aisles. Natasja was a little scared by that commotion and when Dusty noticed this (from the stage!) he took just a couple of steps over to his right so he was lined up with Natasja (who loves Ducky, they are great friends despite the 9 yr. age difference) and he gave her a sweet smile and kept his eye on her until she settled. The amazing thing...he didn't miss a beat. He was on cue for every line and in between, his glance would switch to "the baby" and a little smile appeared on his face. Until she calmed down, which only took a couple of minutes. She didn't make any noise except for one gasp as the players passed in front of her, but she had that "OH MY" look on her face. When she realized she was OK, she turned around with a finger pointed behind her and yelled out "that's Ducky!" She turned around and sat through the rest of the play. I didn't see Gunnar or Katja and cousin Jaden move either except for the laughter and applause. I am just thrilled that I can take them to these types of events now and finally not have to worry about how they will act. Yeah!!

Community Bible Church at the Bottineau County Fair!

Trying the Blog thing again!

My boys, Vince Sr., Vince Jr., and Gunnar. Katja's baptism (a year ago now!)

Well, I finally got DSL and am re-entering the blogging world! I am hoping to be able to share a lot of photos of the kids and their antics now that I won't be disconnected because of a "time out." Really I'm totally excited to have a blog again. It's my idea of journaling. Here are some pics of all the kids, it is sure to be a bunch of pics, so bear with me!!!! ;)